With this code you can get an app for free that helps you reduce spending on your household bills

The Spanish app that saves you up to 30% on water, electricity and heating bills.
Change of time and electricity billThe app allows you to save up to 30% on water, electricity and heating bills.Wochit
Hobeen is a pioneer startup in the home energy consumption model. Its objective is to help families save on their bills while taking care of the environment: it is an app that connects various smart devices that are installed in homes to offer personalized energy advice that helps reduce waste. In this way, says the company, a minimum saving of 30% is expected on water, electricity and heating bills.

Given the current situation that our country is going through due to the continuous increases in the price of electricity and gas, Hobeen has decided to open its platform to all users, giving it free to those who want to reduce the consumption of their home.

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With this initiative, Hobeen wants to “do its bit to help achieve real savings on household bills while reducing their environmental footprint,” says the startup in a statement. In this way, the Spanish company promoted by the Lanzadera accelerator puts all its resources at the disposal of Spanish families.

“We have seen that now, more than ever, we have to directly help households to fulfill the purpose for which Hobeen has been fighting since its inception: to reduce energy bills while raising environmental awareness. That is why we have broken all barriers to entry by providing the application for free”, says Mario Fernández, CEO of Hobeen.

The app has a free version that helps you save money.
Hobeen, the Spanish app that helps you stand up to the new regulation on the electricity bill
From the moment they download the app, all citizens will be able to become aware of environmental problems while learning the solution, thus directly reducing their monthly expenses. They will have at their disposal some tools such as eco-training through publications, sustainability challenges and even an energy traffic light where the user is told when he should make the highest energy consumption in his home to reduce his next bills.

The app proposes challenges to its consumers to make it easier for them.The app proposes challenges to its consumers to make it easier for them.Hobeen
To be able to enjoy this help, all you have to do is download the application -from the Play Store for Android phones or from the AppStore for iOS mobiles- by typing Hobeen in the search engine. Once the download has been made, you will have to redeem the SAVINGS code -in capital letters- to be able to enjoy all its functionalities.

With this action, and under the slogan #RevolucionaTuHogar, the Vitoria-Gasteiz-based startup will try to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve a real change in people’s habits that will help them reduce their energy consumption without losing comfort while contributing to sustainability and the environment of the planet.

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