WhatsApp tests the sending of files of up to 2 GB

One of the most annoying WhatsApp limits in conversations is the 100 MB limit for sending files. The company is aware of this and has started a test on the platform to extend this limit to the largest 2 GB. Currently it is already possible to send large files via WhatsApp, but only in Argentina: the test has begun in this country.

Writing messages and chatting in audio notes are two of the most common actions in messaging apps, but so is sending files: from photos and videos to the PDF needed for an important procedure. WhatsApp does not put obstacles in such shipments, but in the size of what is sent: 100 MB may not be enough when you want to attach a raw video or a compressed folder. Fortunately, that limit is beginning to evaporate.

WhatsApp starts a test in Argentina
Whatsapp Files 100 Mb
Warning message on WhatsApp that Argentine users no longer see
All the measures that are introduced in the platform go through a testing period so that they do not jeopardize the stability of the experience. With the more than 2,000 million users who use WhatsApp daily, any failure can be catastrophic; as the messaging platform already verified in October 2021 when it remained down for six hours.

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If payments through WhatsApp are being tested in countries like India, WhatsApp chose Argentina to start a test by changing the limit of 100 MB in sending files to the aforementioned 2 GB. This has been confirmed to us by WhatsApp itself: this test is part of a test located in the Argentine country and we do not know if it will give rise to extending the 2 GB to the rest of the territories; although it is to be expected that this will happen if the test is satisfactory.

Argentine users who use WhatsApp in any of its variants (Android, iOS, Web or computer application) can now send any file larger than 100 MB and smaller than 2 GB. According to the statement sent to us by WhatsApp:

“We listen to users, respond to their requests and lifestyle by increasing the current limit on the size of files that can be sent via WhatsApp from 100 MB to 2 GB. Although this is a test only available in Argentina, users will be able to send this type of file of up to 2 GB to other users anywhere in the world”.

While the rest of WhatsApp users wait for the platform to extend the test to more territories, there is always the option of using other tools to send large files. The result is the same although it is somewhat more cumbersome.

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