This WhatsApp trick allows you to download and save voice messages

The mobile messaging application offers all its users the option of saving the audio in a folder outside of WhatsApp itself.
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WhatsApp offers its users the ability to save voice messages. WhatsApp offers its users the ability to save voice messages. Getty Images
Since the possibility of sending voice messages came into our lives, many times we put aside the traditional written message. Surely you have ever been sent an audio that you would like to have saved to listen to it again at some other time and, for this, the following trick will be very useful.

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The way to save voice messages will depend on the mobile device we have. In the case of an Android, the audios that you decide to save will remain in the internal storage. To do this, we will have to enter the app and search for the audio that we want to save. We select it until the three vertical points appear and give us the option to share. Once here, we must choose the file browser and you will have the audio in the internal memory of the mobile.

In case of being an iPhone user, we will have to enter WhatsApp again, select the audio and mark the option to forward. Next, we will click on share and, when we have it pressed, we choose the option ‘Save in Files’. From that moment we can choose the folder to which we want our audio to be directed.

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If we find it more comfortable to use the app from the PC, WhatsApp has its own application for computers, as well as a Web version. In those cases, we can also download an audio and for this we must, as always, enter and locate the file. In the audio itself you will see a drop-down next to the profile picture and some options will appear there. You must select the download button, then choose the folder on the computer to which you want it to go and you will have your audio downloaded.

In any of the three ways, we can listen to the audio again at any time and without having to search for it in the application, something that can be very useful if we need it in the future.

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