This is the country that best solves Wordle’s daily challenge

Switzerland is the country with the best average number of words resolved in Wordle, while Egypt and Russia have the worst statistics.
What is the average of the Spaniards to solve the Wordle.
The data has been obtained through Twitter.The data has been obtained through Twitter.20BITS
Wordle went viral at the beginning of the year on Twitter, thousands of users wondered what the green, yellow and gray squares that appeared on their timelines were. Over the months, the percentage of players has increased and even a new version came out where you have to guess countries.

Users have six chances to guess the word of the day.
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Word.Tips has created a map that indicates the statistics by country, that is, you can find out which region guesses the daily word first and the average number of attempts that users write.

The first place is occupied by Sweden, where the players hit the word in an average of 3.72 attempts. However, Canberra (Australia) is the city with the best Wordle average with 3.58 chances.

Wordle statistics worldwide.Wordle statistics worldwide.Word.Tips
In the map above you can see that the results are measured by colors. The darkest green indicates that the inhabitants of that country need fewer opportunities to find out the word, while yellow means that it costs them more.

Within the green is Sweden, and in the yellow are Egypt, Kenya, Bangladesh, Chile and Russia.

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For the more curious, World.Tips also shows the results by city, indicating that Australians “dominate the world scene.” In the top ten are Durban (South Africa), Paris (France), Perth (Australia), Melbourne (Australia), Adelaide (Australia), Manila (Philippines) and Geneva (Switzerland).

To obtain the statistics, World.Tips extracted more than 190,000 tweets with the hashtag #wordle using the Twitter API. When scoring, they looked at the score presented as a fraction (for example, 3/6 or 5/6) and the color grid. The data was obtained in January 2022 and tried to obtain the user’s location to group it by country and city.

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