This is how the new Netflix restriction works that prevents you from sharing your account

The platform is going to launch a pilot program in three Latin American countries to control the accounts that are being shared between non-cohabitants with a verification system.
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Netflix wants to control accounts shared between non-cohabitants.Netflix wants to control accounts shared between non-cohabitants.Getty Images
Netflix intends to increase average revenue per user and, since this is not possible with shared accounts, tests are being carried out on the platform to be able to generate income thanks to those consumers who access it for others.

Those who are subscribed to the ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ plans in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, in the coming weeks will be able to add up to two accounts that will be known as Extra Sub for those people who do not live together in order to end the practice of sharing accounts between non-cohabitants that generates losses for the company.

This measure comes after a survey conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation in the United States in which they ensured that 36% shared their Netflix account with their relatives.

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To solve it, the multimedia platform will send a verification code to subscribers in order to verify the device that is being used and thus determine when it is being used and ensure that it is not being used elsewhere.

In these three countries where this pilot project will be applied, Netflix is ​​expected to generate new revenue after having discouraged the use of shared passwords. An example would be that someone who uses another person’s account in one of these countries, being forced to ask the owner for a key to verify the device, ends up paying for an Extra Hub account.

In the event that in some of these three Latin American countries the account is being used without permission or without the user’s knowledge, it is as easy as not verifying the account in such a way that the other person will not be able to access the content.

It is very important to keep in mind that once a device has been verified, it will not be necessary to verify it again, so the user will not be forced to do it every time they access the application and it will not be a big problem. impediment while Netflix will continue to add revenue.

Another of the measures proposed to regulate this situation in which passwords are shared without control is to limit the number of screens that can be used at the same time and although it is true that they do want to do some tests on these projects, they are guaranteed to spread all over the world.

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