The popular Trivial game comes to Netflix in the form of an interactive series

Trivial, the traditional quiz game, is the latest bet on the streaming platform that will come from the hand of ‘Asked’, an interactive series where the user can play and set the pace of the story.
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Netflix will launch its first interactive game show next month with the series ‘Crooked’, which will air its first episode on April 1 and will have a total of 30 episodes throughout the month.

The contest that will test the level of general knowledge will also be an interactive experience. It will have a plot line that accompanies the game where each user’s victory will help continue the development of the story.

Every time you answer the questions correctly, you will help free the friends of Willy, the protagonist, whose goal is to free the citizens of Trivia Land who have been captured by the hungry villain Evil Rock.

‘Asked’ is the latest Netflix show to join the list of interactive content that was already included on the platform. This is the second game after ‘Cat Burglar’ to include a Trivial element. The platform has assured that it wants to continue experimenting with more content of this type.

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A new chapter of the series will premiere daily throughout the month of April with a total of 30 episodes. Each will have 24 Trivial-style questions in the multiple-answer format that characterizes the popular game. As in the tabletop version, it will include the different categories of science, entertainment, sports, art, geography and history.

Players will have a second chance to repeat the questions they failed in order to accumulate points. In addition, each of the questionnaires will have a different and unexpected ending, although they have not wanted to reveal many details on this subject, from Netflix they have limited themselves to saying that: “They will have to play to verify it”.

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