The blessing of ‘skip intro’: Netflix has saved its users almost 2 centuries of wasted time with this button

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In one day, among all users, the button is pressed 136 million times.In one day, among all users, the button is pressed 136 million times.20BITS
Netflix is ​​one of the most used platforms to enjoy movies and series via streaming. The application was created in 1997 and has a catalog of more than 5,500 contents.

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If you are one of those users who marathons series, you will surely click on the ‘Skip intro’ button to save those extra seconds that prevent you from seeing the content directly.

Cameron Johnson (Director of Product Innovation) states on the Netflix blog that “on a typical day, members press the ‘Skip Intro’ button 136 million times, which translates to a cumulative time savings equivalent to 195 years. ”.

This year, the platform celebrates the fifth anniversary of the function, in addition, they have explained in the blog how the idea came about.

The origin of the function

Johnson indicates that he got together with a group of engineers to improve the user experience, therefore, the innovation of adding buttons to go forward and back ten seconds was born.

Some users accumulated a long line of movies and series in this section.
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The director adds that “the reason for offering a rewind function was obvious, maybe you got distracted or missed an important moment. But why would anyone want to fast forward ten seconds? It could be to skip the show’s intro, but no one could think of any other good reason.”

After conducting a study, they discovered that approximately 15% of users manually fast-forwarded the first five minutes of the series, implying that they wanted to skip the intro.

Johnson says that “instead of developing a general solution that could be of some use in several situations, such as the function to fast forward ten seconds, we designed a solution that would serve a single purpose.”

The result was a button that appears on the screen and works with a single click, in addition, if you press the ‘S’ key on the keyboard you can skip the intro without touching the mouse.

Release year
Some users accumulated a long line of movies and series in this section.
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In 2017, they designed the button for the web version in 250 series in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Until August of the same year it was not added to television and to mobile applications it arrived in 2018.

Johnson appreciates that “Over the last five years, it has been very gratifying to see ‘Skip Intro’ become a favorite feature, adopted by many other streaming services and offering a moment of joy to audiences around the world. world”.

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