Now you can carry your driving license on your mobile with the miDGT app and doing it is that simple

The DGT has enabled a function to add the documentation on the vehicles and the driving license and not always have to carry them in the vehicle.
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The digital permit of the application has the same validity as the physical card.The digital permit of the application has the same validity as the physical card.DGT
The reform of the Traffic and Road Safety Law, which entered into force on March 21, has brought with it many new features. Among them, there is the possibility of leaving the physical driving license at home without this causing any problem. This will be possible thanks to the creation of a digital version.

To date, drivers had to carry their driving license with them in case they were stopped on the road. However, the DGT has explained that with the new regulations “it is no longer necessary to physically carry” the card and that it will be enough to have the DGT app on the mobile.

The miDGT application

This project will start in 2025.
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This platform is available for iOS and Android devices and is completely free. Through it, users can see the documentation of their vehicles in digital format and carry out certain procedures, such as paying fines.

Now, the app will also allow Spaniards to leave their driving license at home and use their smartphone in case they are stopped. The DGT website ensures that the digital card will have “the same validity as the physical documentation.”

Through the miDGT, you will also have access to the technical data, the insurance, the environmental label and the ITV of the registered vehicle. In this way, all the papers that you keep in your glove compartment can be replaced by the app without any inconvenience and in a much more organized way.

How to create your digital driving license?

Download the app on your mobile and enter.
Identify yourself through the Cl@ve PIN, DNIe or electronic certificate or the permanent Cl@ve.
When registering, the user has 24 hours to complete all the data, such as the DNI number or its validity date.
Once the data is confirmed, the photo of the driver’s license holder, his personal data and his number of points will appear automatically.
When clicking on ‘VIEW MY CARD’, users will have access to the digital version of their document with a QR code.
More advantages of miDGT
The Ministry of the Interior acquired 15 tablets last year.
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If you are one of those who forgets the date on which the card or the ITV expires, you should know that the miDGT application notifies you of these aspects so that you do not miss out. In addition, this platform allows users to be informed about the latest news on road safety or traffic.

In addition to saving all the documents, miDGT makes it easy to report on a certain vehicle. Drivers can also update their address, buy fees to carry out procedures or check the authenticity of documents issued by the DGT.

However, the most notable function is that through the application you can manage the fines. The DGT reports that through this tool Spaniards can “consult and pay their penalties” and, even if they were not the ones driving, they can identify the offender through the app.

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