No more filling out hundreds of forms to look for a job: create a ‘single resume’ for all job portals

When users search for jobs through websites, they have to manually fill in all the fields requested by the company, upload them from LinkedIn or import them from a PDF.

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Manfred , a Spanish human resources company specialized in the technology sector, has created an open source curriculum that is synchronized with various employment platforms from a file in JSON format hosted in the user repository on GitHub .

The entity explains that the origin of the data will be on its own machine, access to the web can be cut whenever the user wants and there will be control over personal information. By being connected to the data subject’s repository, changes made to a website will automatically be shown to other people .

If users want the resume in JSON format, applicants will need to create their professional profile on Manfred. Xataka indicates that “the plan of the human resources company is that its tool can generate the CV from other platforms such as LinkedIn or Infojobs in the future, for the moment they only allow data to be imported from Stack Overflow”.

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At the moment, it cannot be connected to any employment platform , however, they hope to install the idea as soon as possible. The curriculum can be downloaded in JSON format although they plan to enable the PDF option .

David Bonilla, founder of Manfred, explains to Xataka that “our value proposition is that you never send your data in PDF, because you lose control, you don’t know where that document ends or who has your personal data, and they will not be updated. . The idea is that instead you share your public profile on Manfred, through which you can check how many times they open it, what they do and how far they read ”.

The idea of ​​this startup was born with the closure of Dev Stories -its online CV format- in April. About 4.7 million users will lose their data, therefore, Manfred emerges as a new option for them to rescue and import them.

Who can use it?

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Although the launch phase of the project is aimed at IT professionals , anyone can use this tool for free to create their resume.

Those interested will be able to download their CV in JSON format through Mandred and save it on their device or in a GitHub repository. In the event that a user does not know the terms of the platform, Manfred will share computer material to understand the JSON format and to synchronize her resume on other platforms.

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