Instagram will soon allow parents to control what their children do on the platform

The parental control measures that the Meta company is going to implement are currently only present in the United States, but it is intended to extend them globally and to the rest of the company’s applications.
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Parents will now be able to control what their children do on Instagram. Parents will now be able to control what their children do on Instagram. Getty Images/iStockphoto
The popular Instagram social network is one of the most used in Spain and the application is updated frequently in order to offer the best possible experience for the user, as well as to guarantee its security. With all these new parental control tools launched by the company, it is intended that minors make appropriate use of social networks.

Meta, the current owner of Instagram, has published an official statement to inform of the arrival of these new tools that for now are only available in the United States, but that are intended to be extended globally in the coming months so that Parents can keep track of what their children do and the content they post.

In this ‘Family Center’, parents will have a series of security tools at their disposal to control, among other things, their children’s followers, the time they spend on the application, and even establish the hours they spend on the app.

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From the company they assured that the tool has been designed jointly with the collaboration of those involved, both parents and adolescents, as well as experts in the field and tutors. Adam Mosseri, responsible for Instagram, assured that it is the “first step of a long-term journey to develop intuitive control tools”.

At the moment, it will be the adolescents themselves who will have to activate this tool in their profiles, although this will only be necessary until June, when Meta has ensured that the parents themselves will be the ones who initiate the supervision of their children, but until that date, teenagers will have to accept this request that controls their movements in the social network.

In the coming months, not only will we have this function, but other new features will arrive, such as the possibility for parents to set a schedule for their children to use Instagram or for both the father and the mother to be the ones who can control them and avoid them. so that children under 13 access inappropriate content or have experiences that are not appropriate for their age.

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