Instagram announces the return of the chronological feed with a great alphabet soup

The Meta app used to work with an algorithm-generated feed until now, but it wants to return to using the chronological version of a feature that has been highly requested by users.
Instagram will soon allow parents to control what their children do on the platform.
Instagram launches a Twitter puzzle with the title “something is coming”.Instagram launches a Twitter puzzle with the title “something is coming”.Instagram
Instagram proposes some change in the platform, specifically, it intends to return to the chronological feed, that is, the application will allow you to see only the posts of the people you follow in order of publication and not by following the algorithm as was the case until now.

We have known all this through the Twitter of the application that has launched a play on words with the title “something is coming” and where it seems to have hidden several hidden words about the possible changes it wants to carry out. The user and creator of technological content, Max Balzer found in this chaos of letters the word ‘chronological’, one of the features that is expected to arrive soon on the platform

something is coming 👀

– Instagram (@instagram) March 22, 2022
In addition to this, the Meta application would have already confirmed last January that the function will arrive, so the fact that the word chronological appears in this alphabet soup may be a mere coincidence.

The return of the chronological feed to the app is something long awaited by many of the users, since since the algorithm works, many of the users have been affected, since they have lost visits, their photos are not shown in the timeline of their followers, as well as that the posts appear much later from the moment they were published.

From now on parents will be able to control what their children do on Instagram.
Instagram will soon allow parents to control what their children do on the platform
The fact of having used the formula of this puzzle does not mean that if we find a word it must necessarily be a function that Instagram will take out, since, for example, the blogger Benjamin Mayo published a manipulated version of the word search where they found the words “iPad app”.


– Benjamin Mayo (@bzamayo) March 22, 2022
The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has confirmed that they have heard the requests for an iPad application, but that at the moment they do not see a good number of users to carry it out and assure that “they are very focused on other things” in addition to that adding another platform comes with more expense and they prefer to focus on their Stories features.

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