In this app you can check which products contain sunflower oil

The war between Russia and Ukraine has put the price of sunflower oil through the roof. Open Food Facts shows the products for sale in Spain that include this ingredient.
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An information poster of a supermarket in Gijón in which the purchase of sunflower oil per person is limited. An information poster in a supermarket in Gijón in which the purchase of sunflower oil per person is limited. EUROPA PRESS
The effects of the war between Ukraine and Russia have triggered the cost of numerous products. Sunflower oil has become the most demanded protagonist of the market, in addition, it is difficult to find it because users are buying large quantities due to possible shortages.

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Ukraine is the largest exporter of sunflower oil in the world and Russia is in second place. One of the consequences of the war has been the supply of this product in Spain, in addition, foods that contain sunflower oil have raised their prices in recent days.

In the Open Food Facts database, you can consult the products that include this ingredient, such as, for example, French fries, industrial pastries, fried tomato, mayonnaise, and a long etcetera.

Open Food Facts indicates the nutritional quality, the degree of elaboration of the food and the nutritional values, in addition, the consumers obtain information of the product to make comparisons or to carry out a nutritional control. The database is available in web version, Android and iOS.

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If you click on the following link, you will be able to see more than 200 products that include sunflower oil in their ingredients. You will find food from different brands, such as Carrefour, Spar, Hacendado, DIA, Alteza or Carretilla.

Users can create lists to make the purchase or to carry out a quality control, also, there is the possibility of adding photos and data in Open Food Facts to offer more information.

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