If you haven’t activated the Facebook Protect feature, you run the risk of Meta blocking your account

Facebook warned users that they had to activate the feature before March 17. Those who do not have it active cannot access their accounts.
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The goal of this feature is to stop cyber attacks. The goal of this feature is to stop cyber attacks. 20BITS
Facebook Protect is the program that the social network has to protect users from cyberattacks and hacking attempts, in addition, in 2021 it announced that if individuals did not activate this tool, they would lose access to their accounts.

If this function is activated, Facebook analyzes the user’s account to detect if there are vulnerabilities related to passwords and two-factor authentication.

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The Verge reports that in early March, a group of users received a mysterious spam-like email called “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect,” explaining that they needed to turn on the feature to avoid account lockout.

Facebook states on its blog that it is “a security program for groups of people who are most likely to be attacked by malicious hackers, such as human rights defenders, journalists and government officials.”

The purpose of this feature is to ensure that accounts are monitored for hacking threats and protected by two-factor authentication (2FA).

The email that Facebook sent from the address ‘security@facebookmail.com’ appeared to be spam and was ignored by many users. The first deadline to activate this feature was March 17, and currently, those affected cannot access their accounts.

Those users who did not activate Facebook Protect received a message with an explanation to access their profiles again, however, some have stated on Twitter that this advice does not usually work.

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The Verge adds that a group of users cannot access their profiles despite having security measures activated, while others were unable to complete the activation process before the deadline.

Facebook’s response
Nathaniel Gleicher, director of Meta Security policy, indicates on his Twitter profile that “we will continue to improve the registration process and notifications to avoid confusion and we will continue to iterate. Part of our goal is to ensure that everyone in these communities is protected by basic security measures.”

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