Google is preparing a function that will free up 60% of space on your mobile without you having to uninstall any app

It consists of an ‘application vault’: apps can be archived and become inactive, but they will remain on the device, retain user data and be restored to the latest version if recovered.
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The feature will be available later this year.The feature will be available later this year.Unsplash
Google has confirmed on its Android developers blog that this year they will launch a new feature that will free up space on Android devices, preventing the uninstallation of applications.

The tool will archive apps so that they take up 60% less space, in addition, it has been baptized as ‘Archived APK’. Google indicates that the application will remain on the device and can be restored whenever the user wishes.

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Archiving the app will remove parts of it instead of deleting it completely, retain user data, and restore the latest version. The app will be converted to a very small APK to free up memory on your device.

Google says that they will take the first step with the release of ‘Bundletool 1.10’, making archiving available to all developers using ‘App Bundles’. The company will generate ‘Archived APKs’ for apps built with ‘Android Gradle Plugin 7.3’.

Archived APKs retain user data until the app is restored, and developers can benefit from fewer uninstalls and less re-entry friction.

When will it be available?
The final launch is expected at the end of August.
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The technological giant indicates that the function will be launched throughout this year, taking into account that exact dates have not been given and in which versions of Android it will be available.

Although its exact function is unknown, Lidia Gaymond and Vicki Amin (Google Play Product Managers) advise users to keep an eye out for upcoming updates on app archiving on the Android Developer Blog.

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