Find out who has your number without you knowing it with this simple WhatsApp trick

Thanks to a function of the app you can find out who has your phone number saved in the phonebook without you knowing.
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WhatsApp allows you to find out who has saved you in their agenda. WhatsApp allows you to find out who has saved you in their agenda. Pexels
WhatsApp is used daily to communicate quickly and, despite all its success, it is still not the most complete instant messaging application. But if there is a way to take advantage of this app, it is with the different tricks that are often unknown to users.

The platform has a wide variety of them, such as the possibility of gossiping where a contact is without the need for them to share their location or a trick to save messages that disappear.

If we want to know who has our saved number, it is also possible. This function is not new, but it is little known by users. It is a completely safe trick, since to carry it out we do not need to download any other application, but rather it falls within its native functions.

The official launch date is still unknown.
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Despite the fact that we are going to use it to see the contacts that we have saved without us knowing, the reality is that, originally, this function was designed to send the same message to many users at the same time.

To perform this trick we will use the broadcast lists, which are used to send messages to several contacts at the same time. They are usually used to share content without the need to create a group or copy the same message in each chat. The trick is that only the contacts who have your number saved on their mobile will receive the broadcast message.

From the app itself we will create the list. If it is an Android, it will be from the three vertical points and if it is an iPhone, it will appear in the chat window itself. Once we have selected the people, we will have to write the text to be sent and wait for them to receive it. This way we will see which people have your number saved.

In addition to knowing who has your number, this trick is important to see if someone you don’t want to know more about still has you in their contacts and, in that case, there will always be the option of being able to block them and prevent them from seeing your personal information.

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