Congratulate Father’s Day on WhatsApp using the voice of a celebrity with this application

The Fake You application allows you to create an original audio with the ‘deepfake’ technique that you can later share on WhatsApp to congratulate Father’s Day with the voice of your favorite famous character.
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WhatsApp will show automatic message notificationsSend this original voice message to congratulate Father’s Day.Pixabay
Father’s Day is approaching and to surprise him with a most original greeting, we bring you a trick for WhatsApp that uses ‘deepfake’ technology in a slightly simpler way in order to send an audio with the message that we want . We can congratulate him on the day using the voice of his favorite actor, a politician, a singer or even with the voice of that fictional character that he has always loved.

All of this is possible thanks to ‘deepfake’ technology which, although it may sometimes seem to be out of our hands, is much more accessible than we think. To generate this type of original messages and spread it through any app that allows you to share audio, as in the case of WhatsApp, we will use the Fake You application.

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With this website we will be able to generate the audios choosing between many famous voices from different fields and to elaborate the text, we will simply have to write it down.

The application has a total of 1,472 voices to choose from among 17 different categories, where there will be real and fictional characters from movies, series, cartoons, video games, comedians, and even YouTubers.

Before having reached this last step, to access we will have to write in our browser and it will take us to the web page. Once we are there, we will select the language that we are going to use, although many of the characters will have the accent of their place of origin, there is a category of Spanish that also includes Latin America.

When we have selected the language, the next thing will be to choose the voice that we like the most. If we have chosen the Spanish category, we will find a total of 26 voices such as that of the mythical Homer Simpson, the characteristic Darth Vader or even as a novelty, the voice of some youtubers such as Jordi Wild or voices of video game characters.

If we already have our character, the next step will be to write in the box provided by the page itself the text that the ‘deepfake’ system will later generate in audio form. This process can take a little time, which will be more or less depending on the length of the text and once the download is finished, we will have our audio ready to share it on WhatsApp.

With our audio, on March 19 you will have your gift ready and all you have to do is enter the father’s chat, select the audio, send it and hope that with this detail we will make his day a little better.

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