Google is preparing a function that will free up 60% of space on your mobile without you having to uninstall any app

It consists of an ‘application vault’: apps can be archived and become inactive, but they will remain on the device, retain user data and be restored to the latest version if recovered.Android apps will no longer share your data with each other.The feature will be available later this year.The feature will be available later this … Read more

4 apps to know if your mobile battery is damaged

Mobile batteries tend to deteriorate over the years due to daily charges.The trick to charge your mobile at night and prevent the battery from breaking down.Apps are free.Apps are free.PixabayBatteries have a limited lifespan, and every time you charge your device, it wears out, reducing its full capacity. From 20Bits we want to offer you … Read more

This is the country that best solves Wordle’s daily challenge

Switzerland is the country with the best average number of words resolved in Wordle, while Egypt and Russia have the worst statistics.What is the average of the Spaniards to solve the Wordle.The data has been obtained through Twitter.The data has been obtained through Twitter.20BITSWordle went viral at the beginning of the year on Twitter, thousands … Read more

Repsol will lower gasoline by 10 cents with the Waylet app: discover how to use it

Starting this Wednesday, Repsol customers who use their Waylet app to refuel will get a 10-cent discount per liter on all their fuels.Uber increases its cost per trip due to the rise in the price of gasoline.The discount is compatible with other advantages that Waylet already offers its users.The discount is compatible with other advantages … Read more

Congratulate Father’s Day on WhatsApp using the voice of a celebrity with this application

The Fake You application allows you to create an original audio with the ‘deepfake’ technique that you can later share on WhatsApp to congratulate Father’s Day with the voice of your favorite famous character.Alexa becomes Baby Yoda with this new Echo Dot mount.WhatsApp will show automatic message notificationsSend this original voice message to congratulate Father’s … Read more

Instagram will soon allow parents to control what their children do on the platform

The parental control measures that the Meta company is going to implement are currently only present in the United States, but it is intended to extend them globally and to the rest of the company’s applications.The new Instagram says ‘goodbye’ to IGTV.Parents will now be able to control what their children do on Instagram. Parents … Read more