4 apps to know if your mobile battery is damaged

Mobile batteries tend to deteriorate over the years due to daily charges.
The trick to charge your mobile at night and prevent the battery from breaking down.
Apps are free.Apps are free.Pixabay
Batteries have a limited lifespan, and every time you charge your device, it wears out, reducing its full capacity. From 20Bits we want to offer you 4 applications to control the state of your battery.


Not letting the mobile battery discharge or charge completely is better to extend the life of the device.
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It is an application in which you can know the state of the battery, charges, discharges, the wear they suffer and the capacity it has. It has a charging alarm that extends its useful life, likewise, you can discover the wear and tear suffered by the phone.

AccuBattery monitors the battery your device is using, finds out how long you can use your phone, check how fast it charges, measures capacity in mAh, and can measure wear and tear.

It is available for Android and you can download it at the following link.

Battery Repair Life

This battery repairer extends the life of the device in one touch. It has a simple interface to increase the charge level in one click, check the useful life, improve its status, calibrate its use and has a temperature and voltage indicator.

It is available for Android. Download the app at this link.


It offers the necessary information to know the level of life that the battery has until the next charge. Calibration tests can be performed to obtain the results and provides detailed information on the load and level of use alerts.

You can download it for your iOS device at the following link.


Also do not charge it when it is exposed to high and low temperatures.
The reason why Apple recommends that you remove the case from your iPhone while charging it
Users can monitor their devices’ runtimes, get charging information, charge at a predefined level, and set up notifications to receive messages when the battery runs out or reaches full charge.

It is available for iOS and you can get it at this link.

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