10 essential tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp

Some of these tricks are downloading audio, sending files weighing more than 100 MB, doing a Bizum from the application, discovering who you share the most photos with and writing messages upside down, among others.
Android phones will soon have one of the most used WhatsApp for iPhone features.
Other tricks are protect your messages with your fingerprint and guess the emojis you use the most.Other tricks are protect your messages with your fingerprint and guess the emojis you use the most.20BITS
If you think you use WhatsApp correctly, you may be wrong because you do not know all the hidden secrets that the application hides. From 20bits we want to teach you ten tricks so that you can get the most out of its services.

You can send large files to your contacts

WhatsApp is pending the opinions of those who test its beta versions.
WhatsApp will limit you even more than you can forward messages
By default, the app offers the ability to send items of 100 MB or less, however, users can download the WeTransfer app to send larger photos, videos, or documents.

WeTransfer can send files up to 2 GB for free. To send them, you must enter the application and click on the ‘Upload’ option. Once this step is done, choose what you want to send and enter your email address to send the file in question.

Another alternative is to make a folder with the files that you want to share in Google Drive and hit ‘Share with people and groups’.

Download and save voice messages

WhatsApp is one of the applications that users use the most in their daily lives.
WhatsApp prepares a new function to join your video calls through links
Android: To download an audio, you will have to select it, click on the three vertical dots, access the ‘Share’ option, choose the file browser and the audio will be saved in the phone’s internal storage.
iOS: Select the audio, check the forward option, click ‘Share’ and click ‘Save to Files’.
Computer: In the audio you will see a drop-down menu, click on the download button and choose the folder you want to direct it.
So you can record a video call on your mobile
Android: Go to Play Store to download the ‘Screen Recorder’ app. When it has been installed, a floating window will be activated that will be located on the screen of the device, in this way, you will be able to start the recording whenever you want.
‚ÄčiOS: Open ‘Settings’ on your phone, select ‘Control Center’ and tap on ‘Screen Recording’ to start video call recording.
Find out who you share the most photos with
The feature has been seen in a beta version of iOS.
WhatsApp will allow you to create and share polls in group chats
Open the application, click on the three vertical dots that are located in the upper right corner and select the ‘Settings’ option.

Within that section, there will be the possibility of accessing ‘Storage and data’ where the ‘Manage storage’ option will be. In this place, users can see all the images that have been sent to all the chats that have been interacted with on WhatsApp.

In addition, the contacts with whom the most multimedia content has been shared are also listed in order.

How to make a Bizum from WhatsApp
WhatsApp allows BBVA bank customers to make payments within the app, taking into account that the new keyboard created by the bank must be installed on their mobiles.

Users will have to activate the Bizum option within the BBVA application, install the ‘BBVA Cashup’ keyboard, access WhatsApp, select a chat, use the keyboard located at the bottom left and enter the amount you want to send .

Write a message backwards
It is available in beta version for Android.
WhatsApp implements a button in its app that allows you to pause and resume audio recording
If you want to type in reverse without doing it manually, you must install the Fonts app on your device, which is available on Android and iOS. Once downloaded you will have to follow the following steps:

Select the Fonts keyboard as the default.
Enter the WhatsApp app (make sure you have the latest version).
Go to the chat in which you want to write the text backwards.
Select the bar to write a message to bring up the keyboard.
Choose the ‘Upside Down’ option to have the words reversed.
Find out who has your number without you knowing
Use the broadcast lists that are used to send messages to several contacts at the same time. First you will have to select the contacts, then write the text to be sent and later, the contacts that have your saved number will receive the broadcast message.

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